Meet The Team

Behind every company is a proud team of strong individuals. Teamwork makes the dream work. Meet ours.


The Founder

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Jeannie Ly


Jeannie Ly, who often goes by 'Jeans', is an American stylist, creative director, entrepreneur and former fashion designer, based in Houston, TX (where Beyonce is from). Ever since her move to New York City, living in Brooklyn with her son as a single woman, she launched her Beauty & Style blog. This has opened doors to working with many known brands such as Gucci, MissPap, Ego UK, Daniel Wellington, Missguided, and Coach, to name a few, while completing her Bachelor of Science in Fashion Merchandising at The University of Houston.

Completely self-taught and out of curiosity, she enjoys photography and drawing leading her to fashion design in 2011, earning her 'Houston's Top 10 Designers' awarded by The Little Black Dress Association.

With over 8 years of experience in the eyewear industry, Jeans recently launched her own Sun-wear Collection in 2017, You and Eye, for the everyday, powerful and independent woman who gives no F's.

Today, Jeans continues to curate her blog through series of stories while implementing art, sarcasm and humor.

Please note: Don't mistaken her name as Jenny or you owe her $20.


The Squad

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Paige Casey

Sr. Marketing/Pr Specialist

Paige Casey is a social media guru who has worked with C-Suite executives, mom and pop shops, and influencers of all sizes. She has been hired to cultivate brand advocates, manage public relations crises, and to hone in on brand storytelling and messaging. Casey graduated Cum Laude from the University of South Florida with a bachelor's degree in public relations mass communications and a minor in general business administration. In her free time, she loves spending time with family, her Pomeranian Leo and planning photoshoots.


Althea Thom

Events/PR Specialist

As the voice for upcoming creatives in fashion, Althea, a Queens, NY native, began her journey in the fashion industry December 2015. While pursuing a Veterinary Technician path, she graduated from online courses with Animal Behavior College and continues to freelance as a creative director and stylist. She has produced content for multiple up and coming brands, such as SoltauNYC, Hero BackPacks, 12Pell, and so forth. Her mission is to not only build her portfolio and grow within the industry, but to also open doors and help those around her grow as well.