Recap: Empower and Elevate Hosts Its First Successful Workshop

With the creative industry increasingly taking its cues from Eado to Downtown of Houston, it’s no surprise that the city has grown significantly in the past decade. 

Empower and Elevate had launched one of its first workshop events last month of September in downtown at Main & Co., hosted by the founder herself, Jeannie Ly.

On Saturday, more than 45 creatives from upcoming influencers, photographers, business owners and more, lined up outside of Main and Co., for a 3-hr workshop, cocktails, networking and more. 

“What’s great about this event is that it’s not only catered to women. As Women Empowerment has became a huge thing for the past few years, I think it’s great what Empower and Elevate is doing by having an event open to both men and women,” says Paige.

Influencers Jorge Guevara from Columbia with 80k followers, Paige Casey from Austin, Jeannie Ly from New York, Michelle Ngo from Los Angeles, and Bibigul gathered together to give back to the community on ‘Marketing Strategies 101.’ 

“The creative industry is hard to break into if you don’t have the right network,” says Jeannie. “Many creatives think that you have to compete and not learn from each other to stay on top. In fact, collaborating is what helps us elevate to newer levels whether its business, influencing, etc. It benefits everyone.”

Attendees were provided with more than just a workshop. Nett Lifestyle partnered to ensure the event was a success. AD Wright DJ-ed, Steak Sliders from Capital Grill was given with fresh garlic mashed potatoes, as well as drinks from Deep Eddy and Richard’s Rainwater.

“It was great learning some new things at this event as well as refreshing my mind of some things I already knew, especially when seeing how friends apply it themselves. Thank you so much,” says Jesse, who purchased a VIP pass to the event.

Empower and Elevate is hosting it’s next workshop in New York in 2019. 

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